Queen City Medical Weight Loss

Frequently Asked Questions


Who cannot participate in this Weight Loss program?

If you are nursing, pregnant or have cancer you should not take participate in the Weight Loss Program.

Is this Weight Loss program successful for both men and women?

Absolutely. Both men and women have had great success with the Weight Loss protocol. As is typical of many weight loss plans, men often lose even faster than women.

If I want to lose 75, 100 or more pounds, is this Weight Loss program for me?


What if I only want to lose 10-15 lbs?

Absolutely! We have patients that have stubborn areas of fat storage such as belly fat or hips & thighs (saddlebags), calves & ankles, upper arms. This weight loss program works great for body sculpting the difficult areas of abnormal fats deposits.

Is exercise necessary to lose weight?

No, exercise is not required on this program to lose the fat at high rates. It is recommended to walk about 20 min/day for general health.

Will the weight come back after I’m finished with this Weight Loss program?

Our program does not allow your body to lower (reset) its metabolic rate while losing weight like other weight loss programs which makes you feel tired, weak and run down all the time. Therefore by resetting your metabolism when your done you will be less likely gain weight back.

How long is the program?

The program lasts for 42 days and may be repeated if necessary and if additional weight loss is desired.

Will I have to purchase any special foods?

All foods required for this program can be purchased in your local grocery store.