Queen City Medical Weight Loss

Our Program

We specialize in a physician supervised weight loss program that allows you to lose weight fast, without being hungry, without lowering your metabolic rate and allows you to preserve your muscle mass which other weight loss programs fail to do and you end up losing significant amounts of muscle mass instead of fat.

This method involves FDA approved medications to allow you to adhere to our program and achieve your desired goals.

This program has only been available to the rich and famous for the last 40 years and has been proven to be safe and is now available to you.

  • It’s Safe, Easy and Effective
  • Results are stunning and seen almost immediately
  • You will feel good
  • You will have more energy
  • You will lose weight fast, and fat not muscle
  • You will have a high metabolism when you finish, so you will be less likely to put the weight back on
    like with other weight loss programs.